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Default S&w 645

I recently traded my well used S&W 4006 straight across for this S&W 645 and five magazines.
My plan is to use this gun as a duty piece since it is on our approved list and it will shoot anything I feed it and it does so rather accurately. Actually, as well or better than my Springfield TRP, Sig 220 or my Kimber Custom II.
The questions I have are pretty simple... so here we go...
How hard is it to find some rubber grips for this piece? I know Hogue makes wood grips for this gun, but I am looking more for rubber since this will be a duty gun and not a casual shooter.
Is there any way to smooth up the single action trigger at all? The double action trigger is actually pretty nice. It's smooth with only a little stacking about 1/4th of the way through the pull. But the single action trigger is gritty with a fair amount of over-travel.
And lastly, how hard do you think it will be to find a holster for this gun?
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