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Originally Posted by danbrew View Post
So what did S&W say when the barrel snapped off your Model 66? Tough? Or we'll fix it as x price, or we'll fix it for free?
The conversation started with a line of questioning to see how they could deny service.
Question 1: Were you shooting reloads?
Question 2: Are you the original owner, did you buy the gun used?

After question 2 was answered honestly that I was not the original purchaser I was told that there was no warranty for used guns. They said I could send in in at my expense and purchase the parts and labor.

I said, "so what your telling me is that Smith won't do squat for me on the defect". The answer was "as I said, no warranty on used guns".

So I fixed it myself. The NC DOC had the same problem with some of their guns. It's caused from over tightening the barrel.
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