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Exclamation Depends on how light the action is.

Originally Posted by Joni_Lynn View Post
I don't know what difference is there between some of the different primers but I use the Winchester large pistol primers almost exclusively for my handloads. They work quite well and have never given me a problem.
The only place I have had problems with Winchester primers is when I used them in a revolver, double action with a lightened trigger/main spring. I took your advice and put a spent primer under one revolver's strain screw and that took care of the problem in that firearm. Thanks again.

I think that Skips' explanation of it reaching a certain brisant standard is correct and pretty well answers the question.To expand just a little,I'd be interested in seeing a scientific evaluation of all the pistol primers.I've seen a number of test results done with rifle primers but not pistols.For instance,I'd like to see an analysis of CCI#300 and CCI#350 compared with the WIN large pistol primer.The results would interest me.
I can't remember which one of the old Speer manuals has just that data in it but I will have to look. It's there, I just gotta remember where!
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