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Interesting posts. I too wanted a 1911 in .22 and did quite a bit of looking around. Was suprised at what a Colt Ace is worth these days.

IMO, the downfall of a conversion unit is that you take that original pistol out of service when you put the conversion kit on it. I wanted a dedicated .22. 1911. Saw a few cobbled together pieces on GB with Essex frames and all but the sellers were inordinately proud of them.

I decided to get a Kimber Target Rimfire. It took about 6 months to arrive. She's been to the range about 5 times now and has exceeded all expectations.

I just assumed it would 'ammo-finicky' from a few reports I'd read. In my example, that's not been true at all. I've tried promo ammo (copper-plated and not) from Federal, CCI (Blazer), PMC, Winchester (both the new 555/333 and a BUNCH of 20 y.o. Wildcats) and Remington. Actually the RP was not promo, it was the Golden Bullet stuff. (The last brick of RP Thunderbolt I bought, I ended up discarding 'cause the bullet was significantly larger in diameter than the case. Seating required a mallet, which is unadvisable....)
Tried Agula Super Maximum, CCI Stingers, Velocitors, RP Viper and so far I've not found anything HV that it will choke on. I have NOT tried any Standard Velocity stuff however.

Accuracy has been very good. I'm not a bullseye shooter, just a fan of 1911's that wanted something 'different' and fun to shoot. (and cheap)

I'll have to give Kimber 5 stars on mine......
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