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This AM. Fired over 100rds of Federal AutoMatch. Flawless. No Hangups.
The issue with magazine not indexing.....The slide must be back for a loaded magazine to insert properly. The top round protrudes slightly. Just enough to not allow the magazine to engage. With the slide problem.
Accuracy is on the shooter. If I concentrated and squeezed properly I was hitting/grouping very well (or let's say good enough for my ability). This kit is accurate.

So, a few adjustments have to be made to enjoy the Kimber Conversion.
1. The slide has to be back before inserting a loaded magazine. That goes for my S&W 1911DK....not sure about any other 1911's
2. Will not shoot every brand of 22LR's. Seems to like Federals so far.
3. Have to get use to the synthetic magazines

The Kimber Conversion is a quality set up and priced right. I'm keeping it and plan to use it as much as possibly. It will stay on the DK and become a dedicated 45/22. I might even have an action job to increase the fun. I give this 4 out of 5 stars.

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