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Default M&P 15T Extraction Issues - Fix

This is more of an FYI for anyone else experiencing these issues on their rifle...

I hadn't been shooting mine much lately but a couple of months ago when I was out with it at the range I was having extraction issues, stovepipes, etc... thinking the gun was just dirty I brought it home and cleaned it expecting everything to be fine when I went out again.

A couple of weeks ago I was out again and it wouldn't extract at all in fact it wasn't even moving the BCG but at the time I didn't notice that part indicating a gas problem.

I finally tore it down and found that the gas block was loose and had moved about an inch forward keeping the gas rod from making contact with the BCG which probably happened over time causing the short stroke_stovepipe issues.

While I haven't been back out to veirfy the fix I am sure this was the cause all along and wanted to let any other owners know what I found in case you find the same issue with your rifle.

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