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You can find various forms of "foam" at shipping supply stores, or ask at any of the businesses you may deal with,,,,,lots of different things get shipped around the country in all types of foam and being the case has two halves, you will not need a lot of it and foam is easy to "cut out" ( use an electric carving for us) you can refit whatever you may want to use in the case, try and copy the cut outs of the guns and stuff, or heck just put full pieces in and wrap some nice "royal blue' clothe, you can get at any fabric supply house and make it to what YOU like....yes, some of those cases, as well as even the S&W presentation cases, some oils can and will "react" with the foam and cause it to deteriorate rapidly , or may take longer...... they were NOT intended for "storage" just to "carry" the gun around or "present it"....
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