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Default M&P 15-22 Magazine Loading

S&W M&P15-22 Magazine Loading

The M&P15-22 is sensitive to loading the magazine and will have stoppages if not loaded correctly. The owners manual specifies pulling the magazine follower down just enough to push one round into the magazine and up against the back wall of the magazine. Tedious, but it's always faster to unload magazines downrange than load them!

The windows on the magazines will show incorrectly loaded cartridges.

Note the even alternating cartridges in the magazine on the LEFT. This is the correct loading. Only visible for seven of the first ten rounds. Check often. Note the displaced cartridges on the right.

In the photo below look at the 4th and 5th cartridges (visible) in the magazine on the RIGHT. Just above the first ridge in the magazine. These are the same two as in the first photo, just pushed a little deeper in the magazine so they show better. Note the even alternating cartridges on the left, the same magazine in the earlier photo.

Attention to magazine loading will greatly assure reliable semi-automatic feeding in this lil' carbine.

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