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Originally Posted by Doc44 View Post
The 19-3 was shipped with smooth rosewood stocks and these are pretty nice. Not sure what else I can say (I like them).

DW...Since your Combat Magnum and mine were shipped in the same month and both have pretty low numbers, it would be interesting to find out when S&W began making large shipments of this model. I know it took about 5 months to start shipping the 44 Magnum in quantity even though it was announced in January 1956.


Bill, here are the #s/dates on the Combat Magnums I have a record of:

K260091 4/30/56
K260352 6/26/56
K261043 6/28/56
K261115 5/31/56
K261276 4/30/56 in the blue case # to gun
K261547 5/12/56

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