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Default Gun safes in unheated areas

I got a second gun safe over the holidays. A "Stack On" 24 long gun model. My issue is that the only space I had to put it was in an "unheated" area of the house.

I added one of those Remington dehumidfiers that have silca beads. When the beads turn pink, after 30 days or so, you plug it into an outlet to dry the beads out. After about 21 days the humidity is still the same inside the safe and out; about 60 percent at 50 degrees. And the beads look about half way to pink.

I would have thought the humidity in the safe would have been reduced when compared to the outside air.

I've been thinking that the safe door is not sealed airtight. There is a slight play when closed and locked. The safe has a flat strip around the door that is designed expand and to seal the door in the event of a fire.

Does anyone have any experience with a gun safe in an unheated area; (garage/storage room) in the northeast. Temps can range from -20 to 100 degrees. Even at 0 outside the room holds a temp in the mid 50s most of the winter. Outside humidity in the summer can be up to 95 percent; cold winter air can be pretty dry.

Besides the dehumidifier and silicon gunsacks what else should I consider. Those electric "rods" some safes have warm the air but don't remove any mosture from the safe; so good to stop condensation. Should I consider adding a seal to the door?

Looking for feedback and ideas.


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