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Cool Boar and Ram hunting in Oklahoma! Graphic pictures added! Mount Pictures added!

Well, I found out today that my wife can get off of work to receive her Christmas present like I planned.

It seems there was a possibility of them not letting her off that I didn't know anything about when I made the decision to give her a 2 day, 3 night, hunt for Christmas.

Of course, she has to take me with her!

We are taking nothing but handloads for this trip.

We have hunted boar before and to be honest, they aren't that tough to kill. Never shot a Corsican Ram though and I think it will look neat on the wall next to old "Piggy".

At any rate, we are going to take 4 rifles. Her 357Mag Marlin 1894CB, my 44Mag Marlin 1894CS, an AR-15 and a Remington 700 in 30/06.

I have been assured that our shots will not be longer than 100 yards when stand hunting and if stalking needs to be done, I think we can get closer than that.

At any rate, we are pumped!

The load for the 30/06 has already taken a pig for the wife a couple of years ago. She may decide to use it, not sure yet. The 357Mag rifle should be enough at the ranges stated to take a "normal" sized pig with.

I went to the range tonight to run some of them over the chronograph and see how accurate they were. I was impressed to say the least out of that 20" carbine.

The load came from and they said it appeared in Rifle magazine issue #226 - July, 2006. It is over other published data but suffice it to say, should be fine in the heavy action of the Marlin. Components were: 158gr XTP, mixed cases, Wolf Small Rifle Primers and Lil' Gun powder.
The article said I should get 1987fps. I got just a tad more than that and accuracy was superb.
Here were the results:
Low: 2038fps
High: 2086fps
Avg: 2064fps
ES: 48fps
SD: 17.64fps
These were exceptionally accurate and she is a good shot. Recoil was nill. Just have to make some for the trip now.

My Marlin is going to be stoked with 240gr JSPHP bullets over 23.5gr Lil' Gun with Wolf Large Pistol primers.
I don't have the exact numbers right now but they are going 1980fps with a single digit SD!
These are minute of sparrow accurate @ 50 yards, an was proven today.

The AR is a tad light for them for use on hogs. I've seen some videos though were the guy is shooting a bunch of hogs from a helicopter with an AR and they don't seem to be running too far after he hit them!

There has been much discussion in another thread about the velocity at which an XTP will open up. We will see just what happens to this 2000fps load! It may hit skin and "blow up" for all I know. I kind of doubt it as I have seen them at regular handgun velocities not open at all.

If they stay together and have minimal expansion, we should have some decent penetration.

At any rate, feel free to comment.

p.s. I will have pictures should we be successful. I will re-title the thread when I post those pictures.

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