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We had two individuals severely injured firing H&I missions. Apparently the breach block hadn’t fully rotated close. Upon firing the breach block was torn from the mounting points. The projectile stayed with in the tube. Both individuals as previously mentioned were severely injured with burns and other trauma.

0846 Artillery Scout Observer (This military occupation is obsolete)

Selects observation posts. Sets up and operated observation instruments. Establishes communication with infantry and artillery organizations. Informs artillery organizations of enemy activity, location of friendly troops, and other pertinent intelligence data. Request, observes, and conducts artillery fire and reports the results to the fire direction center. May perform the duties of an artillery forward observer.

0811 Field Artillery Cannoneer

As a member of a field artillery howitzer battery, cannoneers prepare artillery pieces and equipment for movement, combat, and firing. They inspect and prepare ammunition for firing, and perform the various jobs incident to firing such as, laying for elevation and deflection, loading the piece, and handling ammunition. Field artillery cannoneers perform preventive maintenance and clean artillery pieces and equipment. They make routine tests and authorize repairs to equipment. Camouflage position, protect equipment from chemical warfare agents, and construct field fortifications

On my discharge DD-214(??) I had no transferrable skill other than I could be a small arms proof tester. Not much call for that occupation as a civilian.

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