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Just remember, just about every inch of Texas is privately owned, so there isn't a whole lot of "public" land available to hunt on.

I went down to the pasture by the creek bottom recently and noticed the little pigs had been visiting again. They're pretty easy to detect, because they don't root very deep. It's deep enough to make a real rough tractor ride, but nothing like what a boar hog can and will do!

This is what a sow and some pigs did to a row of thornless Apache blackberries.

Two days later I shot this young boar, about the same size as the one you shot, about 50 feet from that same blackberry row.

They're hard to hunt, unless you use dogs, because they root the place up and many times they don't come back for 6 months. So, it isn't like you can wait for them at a predetermined spot.
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