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Default 32 S&W vs. 32 S&W Long?

Only place to ask this question is the home of the S&W gurus!

My question involves S&W ammo rather than an actual S&W pistol. I have an H&R model 732 6 shot revolver, blued, made in 1973. This gun belonged to my father. With it, he had several loose rounds of S&W 32 Long cartridges from back in the day when you could buy a few loose rounds vs a whole box! I think I remember him actually shooting a few rounds at best, say a half dozen or so.

The 2.5 inch barrel is stamped .32 S&W. The Longs I have fit the chamber well and do NOT protrude from the front of the cylinder.

Are there any significant differences in pressures for the two rounds and would it be safe to fire the Longs in this "modern" pistol?

Thanks in advance,
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