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Default curious caliber choice

Originally Posted by Model39 View Post
Here is the newly acquired Model 59, I finally was able to get yesterday. The gun is an early model in the A17XXXX range. The gun has the relief cuts on the frame for the manual safety, the longer magazine release button, longer slide stop/takedown pin, and the hole in the hammer. The gun also has five very unique features. (1)The gun is Saudia Arabian marked,(2) it has curved/arched backstrap with no lanyard loop, and (3)the gun is wearing factory thin, full checkered, non medallion Rosewood grips. (4) The fourth feature is that the gun has a grooved trigger. **Interesting note** The spring issue of the 2006 S&WCA journal on page 69, section 5.13 has a paragraph and picture of a grooved trigger on a steel frame Model 39, saying that this is the only one (grooved trigger) known to exist, but since Model 39 and Model 59 triggers are the same, we now know there are at least two grooved triggers in existense, since there is one on this Model 59. (5) The fifth and best feature of this gun is that the gun is in 7.65 (30 Luger) caliber. The barrel and magazine floor plates are stamped 7.65 M.M.
There are no proof marks anywhere on the gun or barrel. The barrel is wider at the muzzle to fit/work with the barrel bushing.
I know this Model 59 does not compare to the fabulous revolvers alot of fellow members own and have shared pictures of, but I feel this Model 59 deserves an honorable mention. Please comment.

Thanks for posting about your unusual Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stamped pistol.

I imagine the only reason why anybody would go the trouble of acquiring a 7.65mm version of a perfectly good 9mm is because the local laws prohibit possession of 9mm. As john traveler mentioned, Italy is one of these countries, but not the only one.

Perhaps a Saudi acquired a 7.65mm while working in one of these countries and brought it back home to be stamped with the Saudi coat of arms and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Please post the contents of your historical letter as an update.
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