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Originally Posted by mlk18 View Post
I wonder if it was part of a special order as it does not seem to be a cataloged item. Either way it has to be VERY rare. I too would get a letter from S&W asap. More photos please!
Here is a photo of the left side of the gun with the slide locked back to show the exposed barrel. I removed the barrel from another 9MM 59 I own to show how the barrel differs between the two. The standard factory 9MM is blued and is straight, while the 7.65 (30 Luger) barrel is not blued and bells out at the end to fit/work with the slide bushing.
You can also see the special curved backstrap the gun has. I am reluctant to post alot of pictures, as the camera I have/use cannot give the clear sharp pictures I know all of you would like me to produce.
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