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Originally Posted by 1066 View Post
Great gun! You should think about a factory letter on this one.

I think the the 30 Luger is not uncommon in export guns. Browning made some Hi-powers in that caliber also.

I will tell you I hate to load the 30 Luger - between the bottleneck case and the small bullet I've never found them easy to reload.

By the way, don't use the 7.62 Tokarev ammo in you gun. The 7.62 runs at higher pressures even though the case size and bullet are simlar.
Tokarv and Mauser C-96 wont chamber in a 30 Luger pistol. While similar looking, the 30 Luger is case 19mm long, and the '30 cal' Tokarev/C96 Mauser ammunition is based on a longer 25mm case.

Sadly, the Tokarev/Mauser ammunition is far more common; there is military surplus on the market, due ti it's extensive use in foremer Soviet Bloc countries, as well as in China, and elsewhere in SE Asia.
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