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Default trigger click

If you take your slide off, look on top of your trigger at the end of the trigger bar you will see a brass colored leaf type spring between the trigger hooks, this is the trigger play spring,if it is not broken look carefully, take a pencil eraser or similar tool and gently push,it forward toward the front of you frame ,not much as this spring breaks easily, if bent back and forth, once you have dont that thumbcock your hammer and wiggle thr trigger, you will see how that spring holds your trigger to the rear so you dont have that little amount of play at the beginning of your trigger press.If you double action the gun alot it flexes this spring you will get that click in your single action press.Then gun does not need this spring, some depts order guns with out it so they cant break,as long as the broken piece is out of the gun it will work fine.Bob
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