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I bought a barrel from a forum member last year. I think the barrel came from a model 13. It was a 4 inch heavy barrel. It was a .357 magnum barrel and I was going to put it on a model 10 .38 special. I cut the barrel down to just a shade over 3 inches with a hacksaw and dressed it down to 3 inches exactly with a file. I didn't like 357 on the barrel so I slab sided the barrel on both sides to do away with the writing. I also drilled and tapped the top for a fiber optic shotgun bead to use as a front sight. With some care you can shorten the barrel yourself. Ofcourse i'm fearless when it comes to doing things myself. If your not as adventurous as I am you may want to talk to a gunsmith, but I bet you will have close to as much money in it as a factory 3 inch if you go that route.
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