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Originally Posted by novalty View Post
I'm up in the air about the rail, originally thought it would be a nice addition if I wanted to add a flashlight for home-defense, but that is why I have my 5906 with Crimson Trace lasergrips. The big differences in the 2 I am looking at, is the "decocker only" and the bobbed hammer on the TSW. Just not very familiar with either one of those features, am used to the decocker/safety on my 5906 and having a spurred hammer. I can see where the bobbed hammer would be nice for concealed carry, but I have tried carrying my 5906, and think that a large carry piece like these full-frame S&W is not for me.
I am carrying my 4003TSW right now. It is a light as my Steyr M40 and almost as light as my G19.
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