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I have had two barrels shortened by gunsmiths over the years. First was a 5" full lug 625 that was shortened to 4" by (now deceased) Art Leckie. The work was first rate, and other than the front sight base that had been screwed to the barrel you'd think it came from the factory this way. This had laser etched caliber markings on the barrel which disappeared when the entire revolver was glass beaded. The second revolver was a Redhawk that had been shortened by Hamilton Bowen's shop. The Redhawk barrel is a very tricky proposition for various reasons, but their work is flawless. All the barrel lettering (including the warning) was removed and then correct caliber markings applied. In both instances, the work is beyond reproach. It can be done if you are willing to pay for it.

It is also noteworthy that both screw-on front sight bases have stayed attached over the years during hard use and very heavy recoil. When done right, this is a very effective means of attaching a front sight. I have also seen barrel lettering removed from stainless steel barrels, done with just a file and without removing the barrel. This work was also first rate. If you have the skills and determination, anything is possible.

Dave Sinko
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