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Great place to visit. We've gone down there every year since my boy was 6, he's now 16. Couldn't make this year though, lack of funds. Thing aren't going to well here in the sad state of Michigan. It was sort of a tradition to go there every year. Maybe my son will pass it on to his son. Lots of cool stuff to see, we always got there early so he could sit in the cockpits, they have two a F-16 and a F-4. They have added several hangers since the last time you were there and also have good size missile display there. I agree with the other guys, take two days to visit, there is a lot there. Be sure to take the camera, make sure the batteries are charged and the flash drive empty. Youíll have a great time. The cafť there isnít to bad either, at least they donít gouge you on the costs. Also, you might want become a member, it will save you on any books or models you buy there. One last thing, be sure to see Fighter Pilot in the I-Max Theater is one heck of a ride.

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