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The OP has some nice gear. My idea, for .22 rimfire, is the new yet-to-be-made/released 3" 63 with a HiViz sight. It should be as nice as my 5" 63, just shorter - same 8-shots - and with the HiViz front sight. S&W said June production - we'll see.

Meantime, I have retired my holstered 4" 625MG in .45 Colt as a 'woods walker' - just too big. Latest woods trips - admittedly here in the SE USA and 'day hikes' - have included my old CCW - a 296 in a R. Mika's pocket holster. The 2.5" enclosed hammer .44 S&W Special 5-shot AirLite Ti, in an L-frame, fits many of my jeans and most of my cargo pants front pockets. Loaded with a 240gr LSWC first, followed by 200gr Gold Dots, it is ready for woods threats. All Gold Dots for urban protection. Use what you have.

Still, I want that new 3" 63...

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