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Well, that was even better than I had recalled. You guys were right; 1 day was not enough and my feet are very sore. I guess it's been right around 20 years since I've been there; they've added 2 additional hangers full of new and incredible planes; and much of what used to be outside is now inside. I was really dumb and left my "good" camera at home and had to resort to my cell phone; so I'll apologize for the even worse than usual photo quality, but here are some highlights:
Regarding Memphis Bell; it's still under restoration. Tours are available on Fridays at noon. However, there was another Memphis Bell in the Vietnam-era area; an F105 "Thud" (didn't realize that almost half of these didn't make it back due to their missions and probably a bit to do with some performance issues):

The B58 "Hustler" has been moved inside:

Along with a few other modern contraptions:

But my heart was really with the old stuff:

The displays that really got to me were the ones with personal artifacts and some of the stories of true heroes. There must be about a dozen Medal of Honor recipients represented there. Amazing courage and sacrifice; it was very humbling:

This display is for the Doolittle Raiders. There's still about a half-dozen of them still around as evidenced by the number of cups that are still upright. The last two get to share the Hennesy:

Reading about them really choked me up.

And there's still a lot of interesting stuff left outside:

...for any Web Griffin fans, that's a Lockede C60 "Loadstar"

...and a bunch of other interesting and historical stuff.

Wayyy too much to see in 1 day. Great museum; highly recommended. -S2
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