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Jack Ruby used this method when he iced Lee Oswald. You can see it in the photo.

The technique is central to some forms of "instinct" shooting. The theory is that the brain calculates exactly where to position your finger if you want to point at something in the distance -- not near it, at it. The second finger pulls the trigger, and you hit what you are -- literally -- pointing at.

Individuals who have lost a forefinger or part of it will necessarily resort to second finger trigger pulls if they can't train themselves to shoot from the other side. I'm not sure I would try it on a semi-auto unless there was a lot of clearance between the slide and the top of an exposed finger laid along the side of the gun under the slide. I believe there are companies that make finger guards you can attach to the side of a semiauto that will prevent such slide/finger collisions.

There is less risk of damage to revolver shooters. With either kind of handgun I would imagine the more powerful the round you are trying to shoot, the less control you will have getting back on target after it goes off. Maybe people with big hands can manage .45 autos, but I suspect I would limit the middle-finger technique to cartridges in the .38 special/9mm class.

No, I don't use the technique. I think it is primarily a close-in defensive technique, and not one that should be pursued in target shooting. But it's tough to argue with success. If you can shoot this way and get better groups than in the traditional way, go for it. I'll be among the first to applaud your success.
David Wilson
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