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A host of replies! Thanks.

My 1911's have extra thin grips and short triggers. I can not use the middle finger method with them and don't need to. I use the pad of my index finger. Just as I gain nothing using the middle finger with a revolver. I realize that having different gripes for different handguns is not a good idea.

Using the middle finger method, stock trigger, I went from unable to hit consistently from 7 yards, only 1 or 2 hits from 12 yards on an 8 inch target to 18 of 20 in the black at 12 yards and the other 2 on the paper shooting as fast as I can. (that did generate some enthusiasm.) BTW, no point shooting, focusing on the front sight.

However, I installed the Apex Tactical hard sear for 45 along with the ultimate striker block. The trigger went from 7 lbs to 3.5 - 4 lbs. The reset is more defined. WOW. So more work on conventional use of the index finger.

I will do some practice with the middle finger method. But it is not a priorty. Although, I would like to meet and talk to anyone who used it regularly. Thanks murphydog. Had to be someone somewhere somehow using it.
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