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Originally Posted by shotslow View Post
I am having trouble hitting with my M&P 45. I hit low left some, and always left. (yes, I know the reasons for this) I do this with most semi-autos. No so much with revolvers. So naturally I am a revolver fan.

I just finished a book, Combat Handgunnery by Massad Ayoob. A shooting method was described in the book where the shooter used the index finger to point along the side of the pistol and uses the middle finger to pull the trigger. DOES ANYONE USE THIS METHOD.

I went to the range and tried this out. It works for me!!! I have small hands and can not really get to the first joint on my index finger. Using the middle finger, I can. I put all rounds on a 8 inch target, rapid fire with a Glock 35 at 10 yards and 9 out of 10 with the M&P 45 from 15 yards. The hits were dispersed on the left and right of center line for both pistols. And I have never hit from 15 yards with the M&P 45.

I plan to use this method at a USPSA competition this week end.

I would appreciate any information on this method of shooting. Thanks.
That method is called Point & Shoot. It is widely taught in some circles. It is also part of the Marine Pistol training, or at least it was at one time. Not sure about it nowadays.

But it is VERY accurate, as you found out. It's a great way for concealed carry folks to learn, because we may not have enough time to actually take aim and sight a target.
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