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Originally Posted by MotorCityGun View Post
Holy **** D.W., that is one large-sized pistol to be haulin' around. You must be a big 'un yourself in order to be able to effectively conceal this behemoth. I've read alot about the comfort and concealability of Crossbreed-type holsters, but I just can't imagine how you are able to "comfortably" CCW this thing around especially in FL, where shorts and t-shirt is the normal wear. More power to ya' bro.
LOL, no, I am far from a big 'un. 6'1" about 170-175 lbs. I wore denim shorts, tshirt with an unbuttoned "button up" shirt. This holster is fully adjustable and took a bit of messing around with, but was able to conceal it quite easily at the 3 o'clock position.
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