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Originally Posted by dant View Post
I've had and carried and shot BOTH the 'LCP' as well as the Kel Tec, and for ME, the Kel Tec outshot either of the two LCPs I had ( thought maybe the first one was a fluke).........nice, light weight, easy to carry ( flat)...............get what works for you, but I'd go back to ANY 21A berretta (mousegun) than the LCP, or better yet, a small J frame...just MY .02 cents.....................

Do you think the Beretta .25's, especially the 950B, are more reliable than the LCP? I'm only addressing reliability here, not opening a discussion of .25 vs. .380.

I do know that early LCP's were recalled to fix some problems. I gather that current production is much better? Beretta's small .25's have had the best rep among the tiny pocket autos.


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