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Originally Posted by Gary View Post
Does anyone have any experience with these? Are they reliable? My son and I both have one on order. He is a cop and is able to get them at a pretty good price through an FFL that he works with. I thought that it would be handy for concealed carry in the summer when in shorts or when riding my motorcycle.
Sir, a buddy of mine has one and likes it. After one magazine through the little beast, I was eager to go back to my .45. Like many small blowback .380s, the LCP's recoil gets your attention. It also stovepiped on both me and its owner. My buddy said he hadn't cleaned it in a while and attributed the jams to that. I suspect it's more a matter of lube than cleanliness, but would need more experience with it to say for sure.

Hope this helps, and Semper Fi.

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