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Default Elsie Pea!

I have had Elsie for over a year now. Fired probably 200+ rounds through her. Nary a hiccup! Kicks like the devil. Not a range gun by any means. Like someone else said, it's like my AMEX card, I just don't leave home without it! As the old PMI on the .45 ACP at Parris Island said, lo, these many years ago, "you don't need a pistol 'til you need a pistol". Have had use for one in a quasi defense position only once in over 40 years, but that once was comforting and the perp's anal sphincter was much looser after looking down the business end of a Colt 1911-A1 up close and personal. Later told my LEO brother it looked like a 5" gun!
Buy an Elsie Pea! I carried a post war Walther PPK for many years and now it just sits in the safe looking lonely!
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