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I think the Beretta 86 was the tip up barrel .380. Not sure if they still make it though.

Honestly, after shooting my lcp I can't imagine recommending to to anybody, man or woman, with low hand strength. It is a bear to hang onto.

In think that a Ruger Mkii/iii or a Browning Buckmark loaded with the hottest 22 ammo that it will cycle reliable might not be a bad plan. Cheap and easy to practice with and the more she shoots the faster and more accurately she can put rounds on target.

This may sound odd, but you should have her check out a 1911a1 in 9mmp also. Due to the heavy slides they typically have pretty light recoil springs and the ones that I have shot feel more like shooting a big 22 than anything else.

A good gunsmith can do wonders for a small revolver. You would not believe the trigger on a 640-1 by Karl Sokol that I have shot.
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