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Originally Posted by Ceapea View Post
I didn't want to use just any similar bullet data
That's exactly what you need to do. Those are all pretty standard bullets, and if you take load data for a similar design, start low and work up, you should have no issues. You aren't always going to find data on random Joe Bob's Cast bullets that you have. Even with those Winchester 9mm, those bullets weights are so common in 9mm that they would be wasting their time putting out their own data for their own bullet. Plenty of data is already available.

I will say that a book like Lyman's 49th will give you a much better resource than Alliant's or Hodgdon's online reloading centers. Lyman 49th has many more bullet designs, often a couple different ones for the same weight/caliber. Helps you to choose one that matches better.

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