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Relatively new to S&W revolvers and entering the hobby as a broke middle-aged returning to school student, I'm in no position to play with the big boys and have not yet acquired any guns worthy of beautiful stocks like Cokes, Ropers, Kuracs, etc., but I feel lucky to have come across an old like-new set of Tyler "butterscotch" Tru-Fit grips that turned a rather plain 64-2 into a pretty sexy-looking little snubnose. The material is some sort of synthetic called Ivorex, from what I've been able to research. The company is apparently no longer around (initially I assumed it might be the same Tyler making T-grips but I've not found anything stating that is the case). They're fairly thick and combined with the grip adapter, feel as solid as a target stock and balance the little, yet heavy for its size, K-frame well.

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