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Originally Posted by jdh View Post
Anyone have a good source of 32-20 ammo?
Good luck with your search... Larger gun shows usually have sellers. You're much better off finding an individual with an assortment of old ammo he no longer needs. It was how I managed to find a couple of boxes that didn't cost an arm and a leg.

But then at an OGCA show a guy had a coffee can and a jar full of gas check cast bullets. He wanted $5 and $8 for them. But he compromised and sold me both for $11. I got about 500 of them!

The next stroke of luck was at a tiny gun show my son wanted me to attend. I was bored to death, looking at the **** he enjoyed (AR ****). But then on an end cap was a bunch of .32-20 stuff. Loaded ammo, one box of 50 Winchester brand bullets (cute little box) and a bunch of brass.

Some of it was unfired, some looked to be once fired. He wanted me to make him an offer. I learned long ago not to do that. Sometimes it insults the other party, other times its way high. So we did the dance for a while, him trying to feel me out as to what I'd pay, me being non-committal. Finally he gave up and said "How about $50". Done! It was a steal, given current prices.

So it means you're going to reload. If you don't already, you're going to start. And its kind of a difficult cartridge to reload. Especially if you have acquired bad habits on other calibers. Trim your cases to length. Don't let it go, do it. Every time. What happens is the cases are kind of thin and weak. If one is too long, the die will crumple it. Brass is to hard to find to waste any. And spend some time getting your dies set the way you want them. With brass that expensive and hard to get, keep your loads down. Its not a magnum, and it will never become one.

From there, its easy.

If you don't reload and have a sucker who's willing, make sure he has a case trimmer.

Buying any "off caliber" at retail is costly. With the ongoing ammo shortages and price jumps, you'll pay dearly. Remember, the .32-20 isn't high on the popularity lists these days.

If you can live with used dies, they're not hard to find.
Dick Burg
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