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Default I hear that!

Originally Posted by epj View Post
You might want to get a few hundred rounds of less than max loads under your belt before you start loading for bear and elephant.


I don't know, 38spl elephant loads, now I want to see some of them!

As for the 38spl FBI load: Many have made comments about what that is. A few times, they have even matched each other. Now, what do you call an FBI load? What length barrel and weight of bullet?

I have developed a 160gr LSWC load that delivers 1100fps from a 3" tube. I'm not going to post the load here because it is even over 38spl +P pressures. It would be safe in your 38/44HD but still........................

If you want to find a load of that type with current data, you aren't going to get one from any American powder company. Oh, it is achievable with American powders, don't get me wrong. It's about getting current data.

Go to Vitavouri's (sp) website and look at their data. All of it meets either SAAMI or CIP standards and they list a load with a 158gr LSWC going 1100fps from a 5 or 6 inch barrel.

Let us know how things work out!
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