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Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
Originally Posted by valkyriekl
My own little abomination, a .32-20 Hand Ejector Model of 1905, 3rd Change, wearing an Aimtech K-frame scope base and a cheap 2x20 scope (the scope practically weighs as much as the gun!):

Picked it up for a song and a dance, with the Parkerizing already done to it. It has also had a trigger- and lock-up job done -- one of the tightest lock-ups and smoothest triggers I've ever seen.

I've since removed the scope and base, and I'll be looking to add a WonderSight to it.

Wow! Never saw that one coming! Who'd a' thunk it? A scoped .32-20 Hand Ejector in this thread.

Did you shoot it before you removed the scope?
I did; I didn't like the scope (too big, too heavy, sight picture too wobbly trying to hold it one-handed Bullseye-style) so I swapped it out for a red-dot sight and shot it like that for a bit.

But that was too easy to shoot at 50 yards, and it made the gun look really funny, so I went to iron sights -- turns out I can hit just about as good with irons as I can with a red-dot =)
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