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Post I may be getting too old for this stuff!

Well, as I told the group in the thread about "What will you be doing on Black Friday", I went with my wealthy buddies to their wonderful duck hunting, deer hunting, fishing lodge yesterday afternoon after eating way too much Thanksgiving dinner at my daughter's house. When we got there, I was "Forced?" to eat again, much to my regret.

Then I participated way too long in the liquor drinking, lie telling and poker playing. This morning, when the hunt master gave the wake up call at o'dark thirty, I did not even know where I was! After a shower and some coffee, we left for the blinds. It was very warm for duck hunting, but the birds were flying. I was proud of myself, since this was my first hunt after loosing the sight in my left eye last year due to complications from retinal detachment surgery. I didn't quite get my limit, but others took up the slack. My partner's retriever worked flawlessly on the downed blue-bills and widgeon.

After way too much breakfast of country ham, grits, eggs scrambled with local oysters and squirrels and gravy, we went out to get Bambi's parents. I mostly stuck with the "boy with the dogs". I have killed my share of deer, but low and behold an 8 point jumped over the dogs and came straight back to us. I shot him and the 00 bucks took him down with one shot. My grandfather's old Parker Bros., 12 gauge with the beaver tail forearm did the trick, once again. I just don't like semi-automatics. O/U is OK for trap/skeet, but the side by sides are my favorites!

I passed on the afternoon duck shoot. I am trying to behave myself tonight, but will give the ducks one more run for their money in the AM. There is nothing like Thanksgiving week-end!

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