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It looks like the 209000 gun has a magazine safety, and MAY have a Hilary Lock.... The 209300 overview explicitly says that that one doesn't have 'em....

The pictures, btw, seem to be the same gun , but S&W has been "marking" the guns without the mag safety with a warning on the right side of the slide. Not visible on those pages....

The Hilary Lock is a hole in the side of the grip near the rear. That's where the Clinton-inspired safety key goes. You probably should avoid that model unless you have small children at home....

I have the first one - no mag safety or Hilary Lock. Nice....

One warning: These are "Service" guns. While not hilariously large, they're not all that pocketable/concealable. Their intent was to replace the S&W revolvers and metal-bodied semi-auto's for "uniform" use. The "Compacts" are rather more suitable for concealed carry. BOTH seem to shoot quite well. (My M&P40C seems to be better in that respect than the Full Size!)

Just IMHO, if you turn up one with a thumb safety, and aren't used to having a thumb safety, you can carry/use the gun without it - the whole thing isn't necessary with this design. However, there's a slight chance of engaging the thing inadvertently that you need to worry about.... As a 1911 guy, the one I just got (M&P9C) isn't a problem 'cause I try to flip off the non-existent thumb safeties on the other two I have....

Buy one of each ....

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