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Originally Posted by SMMAssociates View Post

It looks like the 209000 gun has a magazine safety, and MAY have a Hilary Lock.... The 209300 overview explicitly says that that one doesn't have 'em....

The pictures, btw, seem to be the same gun , but S&W has been "marking" the guns without the mag safety with a warning on the right side of the slide. Not visible on those pages....

The Hilary Lock is a hole in the side of the grip near the rear. That's where the Clinton-inspired safety key goes. You probably should avoid that model unless you have small children at home....

I have the first one - no mag safety or Hilary Lock. Nice....

One warning: These are "Service" guns. While not hilariously large, they're not all that pocketable/concealable. Their intent was to replace the S&W revolvers and metal-bodied semi-auto's for "uniform" use. The "Compacts" are rather more suitable for concealed carry. BOTH seem to shoot quite well. (My M&P40C seems to be better in that respect than the Full Size!)

Just IMHO, if you turn up one with a thumb safety, and aren't used to having a thumb safety, you can carry/use the gun without it - the whole thing isn't necessary with this design. However, there's a slight chance of engaging the thing inadvertently that you need to worry about.... As a 1911 guy, the one I just got (M&P9C) isn't a problem 'cause I try to flip off the non-existent thumb safeties on the other two I have....

Buy one of each ....

Yeah I personally want the one without all safeties because this gun will be a range/home protection until I can get a revolver for the nightstand... point and shoot lol do you recommend a thumb safety?

You got me curious about the hillary lock... Is it there for me to use if I want to use it? I'm hoping it's not always like that... could you imagine someone breaking into your house and you have 30 seconds to grab your gun and find the person in your house... and you have to fiddle with Hillary

I personally think all 40's that I have held have a strong trigger... It only fires if you intend to shoot it the correct way... by fully pulling the trigger back. Yeah you are right! These guns IMHO would not conceal very well... (I know some people on this forum have and do conceal this baby) I want to get this gun and then get a compact when I get licensed but that is a few years down the road.

Yeah you are right about the image of the gun! If you go to the second link and click "In Stock - Click Here" it will take you to the actual image and you'll see the caution on the side of the gun... IT'S A DARN GUN! IT'S DANGEROUS! I understand why they put that but for the amount of money you invest into one of these it should be common knowledge it's dangerous and can shoot with the mag out.
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