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Time was we'd pick a caliber, and then find a gun that fit it....

Really is nice to be able to pick a gun, and then find a caliber....

Seriously, it's still "what fits", and what caliber you like, and/or can handle. Most average sized people can handle a full sized .45, for example, and a large subset of those can deal with my 4" "Officer's" sized Kimber, too. But it may not do what you really need....

(Before I forget, "DCAEK" is alphabet soup for Apex Tactical's M&P upgrade kit. This includes a new drop safety plunger, a new sear, and some springs. The overall result improves the trigger almost to the point of the S&W revolvers of the late 60's - about as good as an off-the-shelf handgun ever got without getting outrageously expensive. M&P's made prior to about October 2010 should also have a sear return spring and plunger upgrade from Apex.)

The recoil (actually, getting back on target) issue is highly subjective, and may be at least half fiction, too.... My own experience is that the 9mm is much better in the Compact, and the Full Size in 9mm ought to be very smooth, too. (My M39 is the same size, but a little heftier, than the Full Size 9mm. Apparently nobody told S&W that it should recoil....) The .40's are definitely snappier....

Lots of if's in there.... What it boils down to is that IF you need a second shot, the 9mm may be easier to get back onto the "target". Most shooters, given a full size .45, should be able to say the same thing.... In between it gets messy....

Which is why we say "hit the range".... IMHO, if you can feel comfortable with the hotter round, go for it.

It is true, too, that "spray and pray" seems to be common. Part of the learning curve is to find out that you can't hit the broad side of a barn from inside under stress. You have to practice stress management and all kinds of shooting situations that aren't just pointing the gun downrange and making a hole near the center of the paper.

I don't claim to be great, but our range allows a lot of license - we can set up multiple targets and walk across the floor shooting, for example. Or "wrong hand"..... About all we don't try to do is "quick draw" - there are enough holes in the ceiling....

Concealment is largely a function of the grip size, as well as where you put the holster, and dressing around the gun a bit. For example:

The gun is a full size 1911.... It really is blue.... I'm big enough to get away with it (or a Full Size M&P40), but the smaller grip makes it easier when I choose the smaller 1911. The longer slide is a minor issue, but if it ends up in my hip pocket, that's a non-issue. The holster shown has an open bottom, so any length works - the shorter barreled guns just don't stick out (and potentially stick out of my shirt).

(Not to start the "CCW Badge" argument - I'm a semi-retired rent-a-cop, among other things. The badge is real....)

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