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This sticky will list threads that are exceptionally educational and informative- timeless threads that will be used for years to come.
Please nominate threads by posting a link in this thread.
As time permits, we'll review them and add good threads to this list.


SEARCH Instructions

S&W Collectors Association Application

Factory Letter Request Form

Corrections to "The Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson"

Model 41/52 Reference Material

1st generation:

22 Caliber:
Remember the "Escort"?

S&W model 41 Lets see what you got

SCSW 22 auto corrections

Model 39 - short tang

Model 39 Steel Frame, with extras

39 No dash ISP pistol/Range results added 8/21

Model 59 7.65 (30 Luger) Caliber..... Please comment

"Steath" ASP Latest addition to custom Model 39 collection

ASP vs DEVEL which do you like?

Model 39 - short tang

First LE Agency To Adopt S&W Pistols?

CIA Issued S&W 9mm"s?

"Hush Puppy" Rear Sight Wings & Update

Complete Disassembly & Assembly of ALL S&W Model 52s

Disabling The Magazine Safety On A Model 52

2nd Generation:
Experiences with S&W stainless steel .45's

3rd Generation:

The Complete 3rd Gen Model List

The Complete 3rd Gen PERFORMANCE CENTER Model List

S&W 3rd Gen Model List?

S&W semi-auto model designations?

Need some advice on changing grips

S&W 3rd gen complete disassembly video

910 vs. 915

915 vs 5904

5906 “MODELO MILITAR” Information

10XX/45XX grips, compared, photos

Mod. 5943? honest opinion?

Some favorite DAO Smiths - What's not to like

M5946 Melonite - PC 150248 - One of four made

Model 3906. Good things are produced in small numbers.

5906 “Super 9” Information

Glass Bead Media Testing on 5906 Frame

356 TSW:
6906 in .356 TSW, Marlin Camp-9/.356 TSW, New Project - Ruger PC4/.357 SIG

Advantages of TSW over Standard

40 S&W:
History of the 40 S&W

4006's - information/ history/ tidbits??

S&W 4006TSW California Highway Patrol (CHP) Information

FBI 1076

FBI 1076 added info/multiple pictures.

F.B.I. why .10mm. over .45ACP. ?

45 ACP:
4516 vs. 4516-1 vs. 4516-2

We're way beyond Dremel now, Melted & Melonited 4516-1

CATALOG OF 945 PC VARIANTS - very LARGE accumulated reference material

Broken 4513TSW slides

4566 Clicking Issue

4506-1 (R4) "dash 3"

Later 22 Autos:
422 / 622 / 2206 / 2213 / 2214 Disassembly - Reassembly Instructions
Lee Jarrett

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