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Since I own....or have owned numerous examples of both TSW 45's and non.....or pre TSW's I'll share my experiences.

The build on the TSW's - with the full length frame rails - is an improvement over the standard models IMO.

That said - I prefer the non TSW S&W 45's for carry/range guns.

First - I despise that idiotic rail. I've had it removed off every TSW pistol I own. Even if one subscribes to the theory that hanging lights off handguns is a good idea - I do not - there are very few lights made that go on that S&W TSW rail.

Second - I do not find the 45 TSW's to be noticeably more accurate than the non TSW 45's. My most accurate S&W 45 is my 4516-3, closely followed by my PC Shorty 45, and my NON TSW 4566 with laser etched markings. All three being more inherently accurate than I am capable of wringing out of them.

ALL my TSW 45's shot low. Yes, you can order lower front sights to correct this - what a hassle. My non TSW 45's do not shoot low with 230 grain 45. They hit POA strait out of the box.

Third - I do not like the tacky "Tactical" banner laser etched on the slides. Looks ridiculous and cheap, to me.

So I suggest you try a pre TSW 4566, and then a 4566TSW and see if the differences make any difference TO YOU. Good luck! Regards 18DAI.
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