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Default My Smith and Wesson 13-2 Target Pistol

What do you guys think? Its a 357/38 that I just purchased with a 6" bull barrel, trigger shoe, adjustable target rib/rail and target grip. I just purchased a box of 357 and a box of 38 to try through it. Another forum told me not to shoot a lot of 357 through it but I plan on mostly shooting 38 for target but I still wouldn't mind shooting the occaisional 357 through it since it is a 357 magnum after all. Can anyone tell me any additional information about this gun. I have heard great things about your forum.

My main concern is if it is ok to shoot just factory 357 loads and possibly reloads out of it with no problem. If hot loads are an issue I will stick to factory I just want to be sure as it looks like it was designed for target practice but that is what I want it for. Here is a pic of it. It appears to be a very solid well built revolver and I don't see why there would be any issue as to what I feed it (including magnum loads) I just figure I would ask the experts here. Thanks a lot for any information.

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