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Default Welcome to the forum!

The M-13 came from the factory with either a 3" bbl and round butt gripframe, or 4" bbl and square butt gripframe, so yours has obviuously been modified for action shooting.

It is a K frame. Some will tell you that full power loads won't hurt a K frame, but far too many guys have had trouble with them using the hot 125 grain loads for it to not be at least partially true. I have seen cracked barrel shanks at the forcing cone, so I know it does happen.

If you stick with the 140/158 grain .357 rounds, you probably won't ever see a problem, and firing a few 125's now and them won't hurt it either. Just don't feed it a steady diet of them.

You'll have years of fun with it using .38's as your mainstay loads.
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