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This wont be nearly as interesting....the Clarke county GA police department issued Smith 681s to regular uniformed guys in 1987...including me.....the SWAT guys about that time switched to a department issued 4506. Non Novak sights, square trigger guards. Swat were the only guys allowed to carry any sort of auto loader for years. Issue ammo was the Remington 185 gr JHP+P. HOT stuff. Armorer got some heavier recoil springs for the 4506s. Along about 1989, the drug squad bought some 6906s with some seized funds and traded in their 3 inch 13s (buy back was $90 each). The revolver ammo was Winchester 125 gr JHP+P in 38 special. Dont recall the 9mm ammo for the drug guys. Along about 1991, the voters combined the Athens govt with Clarke Co govt....APD had been issued the new 5906 loaded with +P+ Federal BPLE for a few years. That opened the door for us Clarke County revolver guys to go buy our own Smith autos. I ran out and bought a 645, traded it for a 4576 with the decocker, then carried a 4563 the remaining years there. Department issue by 1992 then was the 4006 with 155 gr Silver tips. Issued ammo by then for 45s was 230 gr Hydra-shok. I NEVER....never had any of the Smiths fail in any way shape or fashion in over 20 years at that agency. The ACCPD has been issuing plastic for years now....the SWAT guys were the last to transition from their 4506s to the Glock 40....the new bloods liked the Glocks....... Fast forward to 2011...I now work for a small yet forward leaning agency, the Oconee county GA Sheriffs office and am privileged to carry a Smith Melonite 1911 NFPS and Titanium firing pin. Georgia Arms 185 gr +P. No problems what so ever as of yet.
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