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Very interesting info 1/74SIS. Thanks!

I am currently qualified on the 645, 4516-3 and 4566. Next qualification period is in March. I plan to add a 4513TSW to my ticket.

Like you I favor the 4566 over the others. I have two versions currently, one is silver stainless, Novak night sights with spurless hammer, and decock only from the factory. One slick pistol that conceals easily.

The other is a melonite coated black 4566, Novak night sights and factory decock only as well. These were specail orders for law enforcement agencies. One was a maritime unit in New England and the persistant rumor is the US Marshal Service SOG ordered them as well.

What were the 4566's the city issued your unit set up like? Laser etched markings or standard roll marks? Do you recall the serial prefix? Ours are a mix of "VCJ" "TDM" and "TDP".

Did SIS use a particular holster? Were your mag pouches single or double?

I've heard of various users having issues with the 4516. I understand the 4516 no dash had "slide inertia" issues resulting in feeding problems, but my understanding is that these were cured by a new slide and new mag followers in the 4516-1.

I have a 4516-3 (revision 4 with laser etched markings). I have over 5000 rounds through it and at my last qualification had my first feed issues with it. During a meal break, I contacted member Fastbolt and he advised me as to the possible causes. One particular mag had a weak spring and was the problem.

calreb - Do you recommend using the Wolff extra power spring for the recoil and mag springs on the compact 45's?

My aluminum framed 4513, and my Shorty 45 have never bobbled.....yet. I have not many rounds through either yet.

If forced to pick a favorite S&W 45 I would have to say the 4566. It is not any heavier than a 1911 and does everything well.

1/74SIS did you hear that the LAPD Chief has reinstituted the S&W 45 Decocker School? Starting last August anyone trained on the Glock can privately purchase a 4506, 4566 and 4513 and attend the decocker School to transition from the Glock to the Smith.

My contact in the gang unit told me eight of his guys attended and transitioned. He is keeping his Glock 21. He told me the 4506 and 4566 were about evenly split.

Thanks again for providing us so much great info. you should write a book! It would enhance your retirement!! Regards 18DAI.
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