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Originally Posted by Peter M. Eick View Post
Quickload is great. It is not perfect though. I am sure I have saved far more money then I spent on it by not wasting money on bad combinations of powder and lead. You can experiement with it and understand where you are in the ballpark. You then can calibrate the software to your gun and get surprisingly accurate results. That is the fun of it.
I may pick up a copy of it as I need something to spend my tax money on. It could save a lot of time and research.

The new Lyman Cast Bullet #4 manual is out and available most places.
What's the difference in this one and their 49th Reloading Handbook? I have an older Cast bullet handbook with the scoped rifle and targets on the front but can't locate it. It's here somewhere. is a good source for different calibers/bullet/powder combos but I believe the data comes from individuals that have simply posted their favorite loads...could be wrong there.

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