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Default 'Fightin 58'

Not long ago I headed up a thread in The Lounge as to my finding a 58 at a local gun show in Collisville Il. It had a bad case of "pushoff" and was sent to my gunsmith to be fixed, where it also got refinished in electroless nickle. "He" came home yesterday and is now serving as primary house cannon and sometime carried in the backyard in a Galco hip holster.
He's a handsome beast that looks like a no-frills badass business gun!
Yes he's heavy, barks like a Rottwielier on crack, recoils like mule (except with Win. 175gr Silvertips), and does tend to get noticed at the local indoor range where he effeciently silences the auto pistol crowd as he belches fire and brimstone sending 210 grains of lead downrange with a pleaseing SMACK on the backstop!
I tend to like old, outdated technology, and big, heavy caliber service type revolvers have always been my first loves! Would I carry one today? Sure! Just give me enough speedloaders and a pair of suspenders!
What these guns do is inspire confidence, and that large maw tends to meek those who look upon it. They are revolvers designed with one purpose in save your bacon and take a beating in a rough and tumble world! To qoute something I once read somewhere;" I haven't seen their kind in a long time, and I don't expect we'll ever see their kind again."
The 'Fightin 58' was the last of a dying breed, the big bore fightin revolver! Cherish these beasts as they still do their jobs like none other! Dale
"Long live the S&W 3rd. Gen.!"
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