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Originally Posted by delta-419 View Post
Mikeruns, I too have on of the S.F.P.D. guns, my only .41 Mag. Serial number on my gun is S259897. Grips don't match so its now wearing a set of Exacutioner's stag grips.
Hi Delta,
I like stag magnas a lot. I do have matching # pc's on mine and the serial is S314148 for comparison.
Good to see so many nice hammers in one place gang

kennyb- it's good to hear that a home grown shop like Greentops' is still humming along. I used to go there and buy stuff and talk to other shooting enthusiasts. Was on the rifle team at Quantico and seemed to always bump into Va state shooters all over the place. The employees there were super good folks.
Best, Mike

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